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Let Design A Cleaning Systems For Your Specific Needs.

Highclean engineers will customize a cleaning system to handle your specific cleaning application. We have the know-how to provide the perfect system for your cleaning process -- big or small, no matter what your budget. We provide custom designed aqueous cleaning equipment to meet and/or exceed the quality requirements of the customer's cleanliness specifications.We design and build large multistage systems, modular cleaning systems and rotating platform spray systems.

We'll complete a thorough analysis of your cleaning process, considering the items to be cleaned, the contaminant to be removed, where the cleaning step fits into the overall process, throughput, and more. We will then recommend the ideal process for your facility, spelling out exactly how best to achieve and surpass cleaning specifications.

Integrated materials handling can be incorporated to automate the process and reduce operator intervention. Machines are manufactured from bright annealed and electropolished stainless steel. Many industrial applications are suited to cleaning using water-based detergents in multi-stage ultrasonic systems.

Consider These Key Features And Benefits Of Highclean’s Tabletop Cleaner:
  • 30 minute timer for accurate cycle times
  • Drain valve makes draining and refilling quick and easy
  • Stainless steel cabinet, parts basket (optional) and lid (optional) holds up to virtually any environment
  • piezo ceramic transducers
  • Industrial design/durability
  • 30-40 kHz Sweep Frequency generator provides effective cavitation with no standing waves or hot spots
We Define For You:
  • Multi-stage
  • Modular
  • Rotating spray systems
  • Drying - a range of options
  • Fully programmable operation
  • Integrated handling
  • The ideal wash/rinse/dry (or any combination) for your application;including tank sizes
  • The best temperature for the bath and how to achieve and maintain this temperature.
  • The time necessary to clean each part/batch and how to meet you production quantity requirements
  • The ideal solution for your process
The Ideal Combination Which We Provide Is :
1. Pre cleaning tank (Injection flood wash)

A very high-pressure spray of liquid is introduced within the process liquid to create a strong turbulence causing effective mass transfer between the chemical (detergent) and the contaminant (oil). Subsequently saponification and emulsification processes are carried out.

2. Ultrasonic Cleaning.

Ultrasonic power is created by Piezo electric crystals suitably bonded and excited by a high frequency signal create an alternate pressure effect in the liquid which dislodges minute particles. This effect tears apart the solution and produce cavitational bubbles. When these bubbles collapse, during the compressional mode of the cycle, high pressure mechanical effects are created blasting away the solid soil from the surface. While Ultrasonic cavitations aids in the solvency of the oil and fat in the cleaning media and the cavitational power helps in dislodging the solid soil.

3. Rinsing

The carry over chemicals on the surface of the components are removed in the rinsing station .To achieve a quick dissolution of the carry over chemicals the water is heated. Many a time this process is done twice at different stations.

4. Top Air Wiper

The left over water after the cleaning is removed in this stage itself from the Component.

5. Drying Hot air blow

The components are dried in this station by a blast of hot air at around 100 deg.