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Ball Point Pen Tip Cleaning

Ultrasonics has become indispensable for cleaning turned products. In fact, turned products require thorough cleaning, yet their most delicate parts such as external threads or surface plates must not be damaged in the process. One particular problem is small, deep dead holes, which cannot be treated without the combined action of ultrasonic and slow rotation. HIGHCLEAN ULTRASONIC, which has been working in this field for many years, is in the vanguard in this and many other applications.

Here is a typical system that we built for cleaning turned metal findings(ballpoint pen tips): It is important to realize that ballpoint pen tips treated with this system are only 9 mm long and 0.9 mm in diameter, and they have a dead hole. They are covered with turning oil and have tiny coil-like shavings stuck inside. After cleaning, the tips are assembled with ink refill. Any oil or shaving inadvertently remaining inside the tip would prevent the ballpoint pen from writing smoothly and flawlessly, causing it to fail the final inspection test.

Only the ultrasonic cleaning process has been able to ensure 100% results. In the beginning, the process used organic solvents (Trichloroethylene, chlorothene, perchloroethylene), but now safer and environmentally-friendly aqueous detergents (Safe Kleen 4053 For Cleaning Chemical is used which is totally bio-degradable chemical. The effective action of the ultrasonic is combined with a special rotation that ensures perfect results throughout the basket.

Here is the work cycle

  • ULTRASONIC cleaning in warm alkaline detergent
  • ULTRASONIC cleaning in warm alkaline detergent
  • RINSING in cold running water
  • Rinsing with ultrasonics in warm DEMINERALIZED water
  • Rinsing with ultrasonics in warm DEMINERALIZED water
  • DRYING in warm pressure-ventilated air. Productivity is quite high,around 3-5 Kg. of material every 5 minutes (60 Kg. per hour).The system can be completely automatic and requires the presence of an operator 5 minutes each 20 minutes. Energy consumption is 12-14 kW, and the cost of detergent per work cycle is very low.

Compact Disk (CD) Manufacturing Industries

In Compact disk manufacturing industries ultrasonic cleaners are widely used to clean the ink/ dye from cups & dies. We make special type multistage cleaners with all safety measures for cleaning the cups.

Air Conditioner Components

Ultrasonic cleaners are widely used for cleaning of air conditioning components during manufacturing process to remove dust, fibers & Oil contaminations. We make different types of cleaners for cleaning of compressor components, Aluminum tubes, Radiator fins etc. Multi stage cleaners having four cleaning stages coupled with on line oil skimming & continuous filtration having automatic handling system can be provided with different sizes depending upon the production rate. We can also provide an eco friendly solvent along with suitable machine for direct replacement of Tri Chloro Ethylene (TCE).