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Ultrasonic used as a method of cleaning intricate and difficult to clean parts has been available for many years within a wide range of industries. The main advantages being that components of the most complicated shapes can be cleaned efficiently, speedily and comprehensively. Ultrasonic achieves this deep and complete cleaning via the build up and collapse of millions of tiny bubbles within the fluid which act on the surface of the component, behaving in many ways as a brush. The scrubbing action of this brush can be made as vigorous or gentle as is required.

We have developed several systems to suit a number of applications. From the very specialized machines utilized within the printing industry, through to the sophisticated multistage systems used in the engineering, electronics and other sectors, we have the technology to design and construct not only standard systems but also equipment to suit any specific requirement. The system shown will accept and rotate up to 6 rolls at 1040 face width, or 12 off rolls up to 450 face width (depending on particular rolls).

The units have the all new generator with "Super sweep" and are packed with many features. Ultrasonic is far and away the best possible way to clean anilox rolls and now with the ability to clean up to 12 rolls at a time, there can be no comparison with other cleaning Methods. All of the equipment manufactured by is built to last, with inherent quality of engineering design and manufacture.

This term is used to describe the oscillating of ultrasound about a mean frequency. The use of this oscillating frequency is vital when using ultrasonic to clean ANILOX ROLLS or GRAVURE CYLINDERS, especially with today's ever increasing screen counts and along with Roll Rotation is the primary protection for the roll during cleaning. The inclusion of a generous Frequency Sweep ensures an even distribution of the ultrasound over the complete surface of the roll, thus eliminating "hot spots" of sound, a known cause of roll damage.

Our SPL generator with "Super sweep" can deliver up to 4 kHz of sweep, which is considerably more than any other known generator. There is also another advantage. Because of "Super sweep" we are able to work at higher frequencies than our competitors, thus further enhancing the safety aspect of our systems, as a higher frequency offers a more gentle cleaning action. The unique design and construction of the heart of our machines is what enables us to boast not only completely safe equipment, but also the most technically advanced ultrasonic roll cleaning systems in the world.