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Scientific Laboratory Ultrasonic Cleaners

The Scientific Laboratory Ultrasonic Cleaner is an Indispensable Tool.There are so many uses in Analytical, QC, Research, and Development Labs - Highclean ultrasonics baths are designed with the scientist in mind,

  • Effortlessly clean labware and instruments
  • Dissolve, disperse, emulsify samples
  • Rapidly degas solvents

Are you cleaning disposable labware or doing day to day laboratory ultrasonic cleaning?

In the past few years, ultrasonic labware cleaning and ultrasonic instrument cleaning have been gaining in popularity. Chemical dust, baked on grease, dirt, oil, pigments, or fingerprints, among other typical lab contaminants can be effectively removed with ultrasonics.Routine and critical laboratory equipment such as lenses, lab utensils, glass vessels, and lab plasticware can all benefit from ultrasonic cleaning. Pharmaceutical labs, in particular, can employ large ultrasonic baths to clean stainless steel, Delrin®, and Teflon® plastic parts from tablet and capsule manufacturing equipment. Ultrasonic cleaners are especially effective for removing chemical residues from complex parts with crevices, small openings, and joints.

In addition to cleaning validation, ultrasonic cleaners and baths are used by chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories for solvent degassing and sample preparation. Ultrasonic baths rapidly degas HPLC solvents. Agglomerated samples are dispersed and difficult to dissolve samples are solubilized in powerful ultrasonic baths. Accessories for ultrasonic baths include baskets for utensils, beaker covers to position 1-2 beakers in a tank, Erlenmeyer flask clamps, acid-resistant tank liners, test tube racks, and cooling coils to protect thermally labile samples.